"5,8,13" Steel and Wood

The concept of transformation is an overarching theme in my work. I am particularly interested in conflict and the response to that conflict.  Human beings are ever evolving, be it physically, spiritually, or philosophically and inevitably involves some degree of conflict. At times my eye focuses inward to my inner turmoil and at others, I am inspired by events around me and throughout the world. Our personal history and cultural background inform not only how we define ourselves but also how others see us. How do we define ourselves within and without our historical context? Can one generate shifts in social or ideological paradigms without first evolving from within? To explore the nature of transformation I employ wedges as my signature element— I see wedges as agents of change, as a means of engagement; they can be used to divide and to shore up. This duality hints at the complexity of metamorphosis.

I choose to work with materials commonly used for construction such as steel, copper, wood and concrete, because they are materials that signify strength and stability; however, time and circumstance can weaken and destabilize. They are humble materials that are ubiquitous in modern society easily relatable and recognized. 

Jin Lee